Pulled Shiitake Mushrooms with Homemade Brandy BBQ Sauce

It seems like portobello mushrooms are all the rage in the summer time, while shiitake mushrooms get the cold shoulder.  And, I get it.  Personally, I equate shiitake mushrooms with immunity boosting soups (Exhibit A.  Exhibit B.), and cooler temperatures.  But recently, I found myself thinking about their texture and flavor, especially dried shiitake mushrooms….

Smokey Medjool Date BBQ Jackfruit

If I have a choice in condiment, I almost always pick BBQ sauce.  It’s salty, sweet, sour and smokey.  It covers all of my needs in one sauce.  Unfortunately, most store bought varieties are loaded with corn syrup.  Those that aren’t loaded with corn syrup don’t always deliver on flavor.  But, it isn’t their fault….