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Herbed Black-Eyed Peas and Cannellini Bean Salad with Garlic Toast

There’s a few things I really love… fresh herbs, beans, peas and garlic toast!  This vegan bean salad recipe combines all of them for a seamlessly delicious meal.  I love the contrast between the warm, crisped garlic toast, and the cool, fresh bean salad.  The celery brings some crunch, and the sherry vinegar brings the […]

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Gnocchi with Cannellini Beans, Spinach and Tomatoes

When I am tight on time, this is one of my favorite vegan gnocchi dishes.  It is quick, easy, and hearty.  And it has…drum roll…8 ingredients, including the salt and the optional vegan parmesan!  Sometimes, simple is best, and leave it to Italian food to perfectly showcase this maxim.   Because this vegan gnocchi dinner […]

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Spinach Cannellini Bean Orzo

The first time I had orzo, I thought it was rice. Little did I know, it was pasta masquerading as rice. Since discovering it’s true nature, I am constantly thinking of ways to incorporate it into my meal rotation. So good, so pasta! This frugal, easy vegan orzo cannellini beans recipe cooks up quick, and […]