Pecan, Pear and Fennel Galette

My first time creating a vegan galette, I came up with the Southern Cornmeal Galette.  If you haven’t tried it, it is savory, hearty and tastes amazing.  After I tasted it, I thought, “My work with galettes is done.” Until now. This vegan galette recipe is a savory-sweet pastry that proudly shouts, “WINTER!”  Maybe it’s…

Southern Cornmeal Galette

Black-eyed peas were first introduced to Virginia during the 17th century.  Grown throughout Asia and West Africa, black-eyed peas favor warm climates, and are extremely tolerant to drought.  Thus, crops of black-eyed peas proliferated throughout the Southern United States, and to this day, continue to play an important role in soul food and in Southern cuisine….