Marinated Grilled or Baked Tofu

Whether the tofu is sliced or cubed, this recipe has many applications. This grilled or baked tofu can be used on sandwiches, on salads, in tacos, in burritos, on pizza, in a grain bowl, in vegan sushi, or whatever your imagination can come up with!

Swiss Chard Gratin

I didn’t knowingly eat Swiss chard until I was in my 30’s. And once I did, I thought I had made an amazing personal discovery. I wanted to eat it all the time. That’s one of my favorite things about trying new foods! This vegan gratin recipe is creamy, comforting and loaded with Swiss chard….

Roasted Garlic Spinach Artichoke Dip

Traditional spinach artichoke dip is loaded with cheese, cream cheese, and sometimes, even sour cream. This vegan roasted garlic spinach artichoke dip takes inspiration from the classic appetizer, but it is not meant to be a perfect copycat. Instead, it depends a lot less on vegan dairy products to bring the flavor, and a lot…

Hearty Seitan and Wheat Berry Chili

This vegan chili recipe is easy, tasty and hearty. Often, vegan chili consists of beans and a few vegetables, like green peppers, onions, and sometimes, corn. I like how this vegan chili recipe brings an additional punch of heartiness with meaty chunks of seitan and chewy wheat berries. These two ingredients not only amp up…