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Vegan Pear Galette with Pecans and Fennel

My first time creating a savory vegan galette recipe, I came up with the Southern Cornmeal Galette.  It used cornmeal, and tasted so good. I thought, I might be done making galettes. But man, if they aren’t so easy to make? Right? This vegan galette is a savory-sweet pastry that proudly shouts, “Winter!”  Maybe it’s […]

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Pear Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

While working on another UVK recipe, I was snacking on a D’anjou pear.  I dipped it into some lemon tahini dressing meant for the other recipe, and found it to be incredibly tasty.  So here we are. This vegan pear salad recipe makes a satisfying lunch or a simple side salad. It’s just so vibrantly […]