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Tag: Vegan Pinto Beans Recipes

  • Cowboy Skillet Pie

    Cowboy Skillet Pie

    This vegan cowboy shepherd’s pie recipe combines mashed potatoes, pinto beans, and seitan. It balances them all into one savory, slightly sweet, and very hearty meal. Perfect for a grown Paul Newman (à la Butch Cassidy), cowboy, or really anyone that is looking for a deeply satisfying, delicious vegan cowboy skillet pie. It takes time…

  • Vegan Tortilla Soup

    Vegan Tortilla Soup

    This blended vegan tortilla soup recipe is all about the corn flavor. Corn tortillas are cut into strips, fried, simmered in the soup’s broth, and then, completely pulverized by a blender. The result is an intense corn flavor that announces, “This is tortilla soup!” Because tortilla soup often involves chicken, replacing it with soy curls…

  • Seitan Wheat Berry Chili

    Seitan Wheat Berry Chili

    This is a revised vegan seitan chili recipe with wheat berries, canned pinto beans, jalapeño and more. Now, it uses less ingredients and is a little more efficient to put together. But I promise, it is just as hearty and delicious as the original! And it still tastes amazing loaded up with toppings, like avocado,…

  • Chipotle Bean and Barley Salad

    Chipotle Bean and Barley Salad

    I revised this vegan chipotle bean and barley salad recipe for simplicity. Let’s just say that I’ve made it a number of times since I first published it, and I realized, it can be simpler to make. What’s not to love about that?!  It still possesses the flavors of the original bean and barley salad.…

  • Vegan Hominy Chili Bake

    Vegan Hominy Chili Bake

    Who doesn’t love a vegan chili cornbread casserole? This casserole’s cornbread crust is moist and sweet. The hominy chili filling is smoky, spicy, and very easy to make. Baked in the oven for ~25 minutes, and it’s a delicious vegan hominy chili bake recipe that will keep everyone coming back for more. This is not…

  • Texas Caviar with Italian Dressing

    Texas Caviar with Italian Dressing

    The first time I had Texas caviar (also known as cowboy caviar) was at a work potluck. As I recall, it was the one dish that didn’t make it home.  We devoured it straightaway. And thus, I was inspired to make this recipe for Texas caviar with homemade vegan Italian dressing! So, what is Texas caviar?…