Hearty Sweet Potato Chickpea Stew

Puchero is a peasant stew from Spain, but is prepared in a number of countries in Central and South America, and in the Phillippines.  The word “puchero” translates to “stew pot” in English.  Many times, the broth is made from meat or cured bones.  Depending on the country preparing it, there are variations in some of the ingredients.  Latin America includes chorizo or pork belly.  The … Continue reading Hearty Sweet Potato Chickpea Stew

Slow Cooker Stewed Kidney Beans, Carrots and Chard with Bulgur

This recipe is inspired by the cuisine of the Middle East. It is incredibly simple, uses ten ingredients, and has a nice, subtle, low key flavor. If you are looking for a dish that’s comforting, budget-friendly and healthy, this is the one for you. And man, the carrots! The carrots taste so good. They really know how to party with pomegranate molasses. Speaking of, for … Continue reading Slow Cooker Stewed Kidney Beans, Carrots and Chard with Bulgur

Slow Cooker Seitan Goulash

This vegan seitan goulash recipe is loaded with vegetables and a savory broth full of sweet Hungarian paprika, smoked paprika and caraway seeds. It’s easy to make, smells amazing while it cooks, and has a taste to match. If you use red miso, taste it when it’s done cooking. It might need a little soy sauce or some salt. For a variation, leave the potatoes … Continue reading Slow Cooker Seitan Goulash

Golden Beet Soup

Slavs love borscht, and thus, there’s so many ways to make it. This recipe takes inspiration from the classic soup, and creates a tasty, vegan borscht recipe with fresh dill and golden beets. The sweet-sour flavor, potatoes soaking up the delicious flavors (or breaking down and thickening the soup), and those unforgettable savory leeks… I get hungry just thinking about it! Some people like to … Continue reading Golden Beet Soup