Gluten Free Sides Warm Side Dishes

Slow Cooker Vegan Coconut Collard Greens

Sometimes, I sit around thinking about the Coconut Stewed Greens off the menu at Papa G’s, a vegan cafe in Portland, Oregon. Those tasty coconut vegan collard greens were soft, flavorful and totally delicious. Since moving away from Portland, I can’t help but miss them. After hours of simmering in the crock pot, this vegan […]

Entrees Gluten Free Lunch & Dinner

Vegan Curry Shepherd’s Pie

I used to have an obsession with the Madras Potatoes from the Whole Foods’ Hot Bar. After a long run or a tough workout, all I wanted to do was load up a brown paper take-out box with their delightful, spicy potatoes. When we left California’s Bay Area, it marked the end of Whole Foods’ […]

Entrees Gluten Free Lunch & Dinner Sides Warm Side Dishes

Slow Cooker Kidney Beans and Coconut Brown Rice

Inspired by Jamaican rice and peas, this slow cooker vegan kidney beans and coconut rice recipe is easy, tasty and hearty. Allspice, nutmeg, thyme, coconut cream, dark red kidney beans and short grain brown rice create a creamy, savory and delicious family meal. This easy budget friendly vegan recipe works well as a side dish […]