Beet Chorizo Burgers

Chorizo is a pork sausage that’s popular in Europe and Latin America. It varies in preparation based on the region. Years ago, I used to frequent a Mexican restaurant in San Jose, California that offered soy chorizo as a taco filling. Maybe they made their own, but I have a feeling they used good ol’…

Summer Chickpea Millet Salad

This is the perfect summer salad to serve for lunch, dinner or as a cookout side. The combination of the fresh herb dressing, the hearty millet grains, the satiating chickpeas, juicy cherry tomatoes and crunchy pumpkin seeds make this one simple, satisfying whole grain salad! Make sure to let the cooked millet and the garlic…

Vegan Stovetop Chili Mac and Cheese

Easy to execute (no baking), yields a lot of food, and tastes cheesy, spicy and smoky. The perfect hearty vegan mac n’ cheese dish for any time of year.

Asian Orzo Pasta Salad

Inspired by Asian flavors, this recipe makes a good warm dish or cold pasta salad. After having time to sit overnight in the fridge, I thought it tasted even better. It uses few ingredients, and is easy to execute. It works well for a cookout, picnic, road trip cooler, camping trip, simple meal, or lunch….

Orange Zest and Fennel Risotto

Risotto is one of my all-time favorite meals. It is simple, requires few ingredients, and is quite satisfying. While I have given tips about making a risotto in the past, there are only a few principles you need to adhere to to have success. If you do these three things, you’re on the right track….

Smokey Collard Rolls

Maybe you love to cook? Maybe you’re sick of the monotony of eating the same things over and over? Maybe it’s the weekend and you want to fill your home with the delicious smell of a home-cooked meal? Maybe you’re trapped in your house due to treacherous weather conditions? Well, have I got the recipe…

Cowboy Skillet Pie

This recipe is inspired by my childhood next door neighbor, who used to host parties out of his garage. He would set up long folding tables, and everyone would come out with hot dishes, barbecue, warm rolls and amazing desserts. The adults would drink beer, and the kids would run around. I always loved that…