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Vegan Tofu Burger with Indian Spices and Green Peas

At the beginning of the year, I purchased a copy of Plant-Based India by Dr. Sheil Shukla. Let me just say, there’s a reason this cookbook was voted one of the best of 2022 by the New York Times. It is incredibly good! There isn’t a recipe that isn’t a showstopper. And after cooking out of it for several months, I decided to apply what I learned about Indian flavors into this vegan tofu burger recipe with chickpea flour, quick oats, frozen peas, and loads of delicious savory and spicy elements.

This recipe makes ~5-6 tofu burgers.

A few things…

  • ・Make sure to press the tofu. It’ll get rid of excess water, and the vegan tofu burger will hold it’s shape better.
  • ・For the uninitiated, pressing tofu is simple. No fancy equipment needed. Wrap the tofu in a paper towel. Place it in the center of a plate. Put a second plate on top of the tofu. Place some cans of food on top of the second plate. Wait 30 minutes. Take your tofu press tower of plates apart, and it’s ready to go.
  • ・You can either grill or bake these vegan tofu burgers. There are directions for either method. As always, cook time may vary a bit, so keep a close eye on the burgers throughout the process.
  • ・As these burgers cool a bit, they firm up. Just a nice bonus.
  • ・While you can enjoy these burgers with whatever toppings you like, I’d like to make a strong case for topping them with green chutney. It really is next level.

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Tofu Burger Recipe Vegan
An Indian-inspired vegan tofu burger recipe with green peas, chickpea flour, quick oats and more

Vegan Tofu Burger with Indian Spices and Green Peas

2 Tbsp canola oil

1 Tbsp finely chopped fresh ginger root

1½ tsp cumin seed

1½ tsp ground coriander

½ tsp turmeric

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

1 cup finely chopped red onion

4 garlic cloves, finely chopped

3 Tbsp lime juice

1 lb extra firm tofu, pressed

½ cup quick oats

½ cup finely chopped cilantro

⅓ cup chickpea flour

⅓ cup frozen green peas

1½ Tbsp nutritional yeast

½-¾ tsp salt

How to Make A Tofu Burger

1. First, you’ll toast the spices and season the oil for the vegan tofu burgers. In a large, deep skillet, add the canola oil, ginger, cumin seed, coriander, turmeric and cayenne. Stir around over high heat for ~30 seconds, and then, reduce the heat to medium-high.

2. Add the onions and a dash of salt. Sauté until the onions soften. Then, add the garlic and sauté another minute. Remove from heat. Stir in the lime juice, and loosen any bits stuck to the bottom of the pan.

3. Mash up the tofu and add it to the skillet. Then, add the remaining ingredients. Stir together until very well combined.

4. You can either grill or bake these vegan tofu burgers. Line a grill-proof sheet pan with non-stick aluminum foil. Lightly grease it with oil. Shape the burger mixture into 5-6 patties. Place them on sheet pan.

  • TO GRILL: Preheat the grill to 375º F. Place the grill-proof sheet pan in the center of the grill and close the lid. Cook for ~5 minutes, and then, flip. Cook for ~5 more minutes.
  • TO BAKE: Preheat the oven to 400º F. Bake for ~8 minutes. Flip. Bake for another 6-8 minutes.

Keep an eye on the vegan tofu burgers throughout the process. Adjust time, as necessary.

5. Serve on burger buns with your favorite toppings.

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