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Tofu Sushi Rolls with Asparagus, Avocado, Cucumber and Vegan Wasabi Mayo

I like plant based sushi rolls to taste like something. I need sauces that are going to highlight the filling in the best ways. So using wasabi mayo, I put together this delicious vegan tofu sushi roll recipe with asparagus, avocado, and cucumber. Think of it as an AAC roll, but up a notch.

This recipe makes ~4 vegan tofu sushi rolls.

A few things…

  • ・This recipe does not use a sushi mat. If you prefer to use one, go for it. I found it was pretty easy just to roll up the nori with my hands. After that, I tightly wrapped the roll in some plastic wrap, so the rice would stick together in a more uniform way. I removed the plastic wrap, and then, sliced it up.
  • ・Use a really sharp, damp knife to cut the tofu sushi rolls. I like to clean it off between every slice, and leave some water droplets on it.
  • ・These held up pretty well stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container overnight, but keep in mind, avocado may brown a bit with time.

Like an AAC roll, but with marinated baked tofu and wasabi mayo. Delicious!

Tofu Sushi Rolls with Asparagus, Avocado, Cucumber and Wasabi Mayo

7 ounce package of Asian flavored baked tofu, sliced into long strips (OR make your own)

1 batch sushi rice

1 batch wasabi mayo

~16 asparagus stalks

½ English cucumber, sliced into long strips

½ large avocado, sliced

Black sesame seeds, to sprinkle – optional

4 nori sheets

Tofu in Sushi

1. Make a batch of sushi rice by following this recipe.

2. While you wait on the sushi rice, make the wasabi mayo by following this recipe.

3. Put a large pot of water on the stove. When it comes to a boil, add the asparagus. After 3 seconds, remove the asparagus from the boiling water and rinse thoroughly in ice cold water.

Asparagus Sushi Roll

4. When the rice is cool enough to handle, it’s time to assemble your first tofu sushi roll. On a flat, dry surface (like on top of a chopping board or a piece of parchment), place down a sheet of nori (shiny side down). Add sushi rice over the nori sheet leaving ~1″ towards the bottom (see photo to the left).

5. Sprinkle the rice with black sesame seeds (if using). Wet your hands and pat down the rice into a single layer (see center photo).

6. Flip the nori sheet over, so the rice side is down. The 1″ of nori without any rice on it should still be at the bottom. Smear some wasabi mayo across the nori close to the bottom, and then, layer the tofu, asparagus, avocado and cucumber over that (see the photo on the right).

Tofu Sushi Roll Recipe Vegan

7. Starting with the bottom, roll the tofu sushi up with your hands. You can also use a sushi mat, if you prefer. The rice may look a little shabby, but we’ll fix it in the next step.

8. Tightly roll the tofu sushi in plastic wrap. Gently press the rice together. Then, remove the plastic wrap, and place the completed roll on a dry chopping board.

Tofu Roll Sushi

9. Keep making the tofu sushi rolls until all the rice is gone. If you have any leftover filling, use it as garnish.

10. Using a very sharp, wet knife slice the tofu sushi rolls into pieces. Place them on a plate. Serve.

AAC roll with tofu and wasabi mayo
An absolutely delicious tofu sushi roll recipe with asparagus, avocado, cucumber and wasabi mayo. Like an enhanced AAC roll!

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