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Avocado Cucumber Carrot Sushi with Sweet Chili Sauce

This vegan avocado sushi recipe is the perfect summer meal. It’s flavorful, refreshing, crunchy and loaded with a sweet garlicky chili sauce. Yum!

It uses one of my favorite condiments, Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce, which you can find all over the U.S. at major grocery stores.

A few things…

  • ・This recipe takes time. You’ll need to make the sushi rice, allow it to cool a bit, slice some veggies, assemble the rolls, and then, slice them up. Plan accordingly.
  • ・I’ve never used a sushi mat to roll sushi, so this recipe doesn’t use one. I place the nori sheet on a dry surface, add the rice and filling, and then, roll it by hand.
  • ・No sweet chili sauce? You can skip it or make a DIY version (sriracha sauce + agave + a dash of garlic powder). That said, the prepackaged variety is very nice and serves the overall flavor well.
  • ・After refrigerating overnight, they are also still good the next day. They also travel well in a packed cooler.

This recipe for vegan sushi with avocado makes 3-4 sushi rolls. If you enjoy this recipe, you may also enjoy Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Rolls. Making vegan sushi at home takes time, but has a delicious outcome!

Vegan avocado cucumber sushi rolls and vegan shiitake sushi

Avocado Cucumber Carrot Sushi with Sweet Chili Sauce

1 batch of sushi rice

½ English cucumber, cut in long strips

½ large avocado, sliced

½ cup shredded carrots

1 scallion, diced

A handful of fresh cilantro, leaves on the stems

Sweet chili sauce, to drizzle (I used Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce)

3-4 nori sheets

  1. 1. Make the sushi rice by following this recipe.

2. While the sushi rice is cooling, slice the veggies.

3. When the sushi rice is cool enough to handle, place a sheet of nori on a dry, flat surface. Sometimes, I lay down a piece of parchment. Other times, I place it on a dry chopping board. Then, sprinkle some rice over the nori. The rice doesn’t need to be perfect. Leave about 1 inch at the top with no rice on it (see photo above)

4. Get your fingertips wet, and pat down the rice until it’s in an even layer. Continue to leave 1 inch at the top with no rice (see photo above).

5. Add some cucumber strips, avocado, some shredded carrots, sprigs of cilantro, scallion and a light drizzle of sweet chili sauce to the side furthest from side with no rice (see photo above).

6. Using your hands, roll the sushi up. Start with the end closest to the filling, and roll it towards the end without any rice.

7. When you’ve finished rolling the sushi, move it to a dry plate or chopping board with the seam side down. If the seam isn’t sticking, you can get your finger wet and run it along the seam to seal the roll. Most of time, I don’t need to do this, because the seam sticks without requiring it.

8. Continue making sushi rolls until you run out of rice. It should make 3-4 sushi rolls. If you have any extra veggies, reserve them and use as a garnish before serving.

9. Using a really sharp knife, slice the sushi rolls into pieces. Sometimes, I get my knife wet before slicing, because it tends to work better.

10. Arrange the sushi on a plate. Garnish the plate with any remaining veggies from the sushi filling.

11. Drizzle with a little more sweet chili sauce. Serve.

DIY vegan sushi with cucumber, avocado and carrot

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