Creamy Coconut Kidney Bean Soup

This Caribbean inspired vegan kidney bean soup recipe is creamy, savory, and spicy goodness. It is an easy, hearty vegan soup that’s perfect for winter. Kidney beans, coconut milk, chiles, thyme, bay leaves and lime juice help create warming comfort in your bowl. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have dinner ready to go! I love making soup, because I really love soup. You could … Continue reading Creamy Coconut Kidney Bean Soup

Kidney Bean Succotash

Lima beans are my least favorite vegetable. If they are in front of me, I will eat them, because they are food. And in my opinion, food should never be taken for granted or wasted. But, for the most part, I avoid lima beans. When I think of the American classic succotash, I think of lima beans. Recently, I was doing a little research, and … Continue reading Kidney Bean Succotash

Slow Cooker Vegan Persian-Style Green Bean Stew

Khorake Loobia Sabz (Persian Green Bean Stew) is a traditional dish from Iran, which usually involves beef, green beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, turmeric and tomato paste. While this is not an authentic recipe, it incorporates many of the elements to produce a delicious, Persian-inspired vegan stew. The acidity in this vegan green bean stew recipe comes from tart golden prunes. WOW, they really made the … Continue reading Slow Cooker Vegan Persian-Style Green Bean Stew

Slow Cooker Bean Stew Vegan

Slow Cooker Cajun Kidney Beans and Rice

Taking inspiration from Louisana’s Cajun cuisine, this vegan kidney beans and rice recipe involves stewing the beans, green peppers, celery, and onion with a bit of smokiness, a bit of heat, and a lot of savory flavor. I love it on top of some short grain brown rice, but you could also have it over savory corn grits or with a big, thick delicious piece … Continue reading Slow Cooker Cajun Kidney Beans and Rice