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Tag: Vegan Cold Soup Recipes

  • Cold Mango Soup

    Cold Mango Soup

    One of my favorite summer treats is cold fruit sprinkled with Tajín. For a person, who hardly tolerates fruit, the chili pepper, lime and salt seasoning is a game changer. I actually look forward to it! So, with this in mind, I created a refreshing vegan cold mango soup recipe with pineapple, cucumber, red bell…

  • Vegan Cold Beet Soup

    Vegan Cold Beet Soup

    Inspired by Lithuanian Saltibarsciai, this easy vegan cold beet soup recipe has cucumbers, scallions, lemon juice, cashews, horseradish and fresh dill. It’s a very tasty creamy vegan cucumber beet soup recipe! Traditionally, Lithuanian cold beet soup uses buttermilk or kefir, and is topped with hard boiled eggs. For this inspired vegan version, we’ll be using…

  • Gazpacho


    Is gazpacho vegan? Usually. Traditionally, the Spanish cold soup is vegan, but sometimes, it’s garnished with meat. And other times, the preparation uses ingredients that are not vegan. When in doubt, find out or better yet, make your own! And this vegan tomato gazpacho recipe couldn’t be easier. Like many modern gazpacho recipes, you add…