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Tag: Vegan Indian Recipes

  • Chickpea Curry

    Chickpea Curry

    Quick, easy, and absolutely delicious.  This is an easy vegan chickpea curry recipe with garam masala, lite coconut milk, fresh ginger and more. It is flavorful, hearty and comes together fast.  It is by no means authentic, but it is strictly plant based.  When my partner went up for seconds, I knew I had a…

  • Okra Soup

    Okra, it’s delicious. Whether it’s deep fried, stewed, stir fried, pickled or added to a soup, it’s always a winner. Maybe you feel the same way? This easy vegan okra soup recipe is inspired by the Indian okra dish, bhindi masala. It preserves many of the same ingredients. And much like the classic dish, this…