Edamame Kale Slaw with Orange Sesame Dressing

Edamame, kale, green cabbage, carrots, sliced almonds, and a sweet, sour, umami dressing.  It makes a delicious, refreshing slaw!  Everyday, I try to make sure that I get a good mix of plant protein, carbohydrates, and fats.  Tonight, I made a meal that was heavy on carbohydrates and lacking in any obvious plant based protein, so I came up with this slaw as a counterbalance.  In the end, it worked out to be a tasty slaw, and who is going to argue with that in the middle of a heat wave?!

A few notes…  I am not a big orange juice drinker, so when a recipe needs orange juice, I buy an orange and squeeze it right into what I’m making.  It’s fresher and less wasteful (I would never drink an entire carton of OJ).  I find it’s also easier to toast sliced almonds in a dry skillet over medium heat on top of the stove.  I move them around with a spatula the entire time to keep them from burning.  When I can smell them, they are done!  Finally, I used frozen shelled edamame for this recipe, I opened the bag, measured and threw them in.  By the time we were ready to eat (5 minutes later), they were no longer frozen and good to go.

Edamame Kale Slaw with Orange Sesame Dressing

Orange Sesame Dressing:

1 Tbsp sesame seeds

⅓ cup orange juice

3 Tbsp rice vinegar

1 Tbsp sesame oil

½ tsp turbinado sugar

Pinch of garlic powder



¾ cup toasted sliced almonds

½ cup julienned carrots

½ cup shredded green cabbage

1 cup shredded kale

¼ cup shredded red cabbage

½ cup sliced red pepper

1 cup shelled edamame

1. Add everything listed under “Orange Sesame Dressing” to a large mixing bowl and whisk together.  Taste and adjust seasonings, if needed.

2. Then, add everything listed under “Slaw” to the dressing, and mix until well combined.  Taste, and adjust seasonings, if needed.  Serve.

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