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Za’atar Chickpea Pita

Pita Vegan Recipe

This is one simple vegan chickpea pita recipe. You’ll have to mix the ingredients for the za’atar chickpeas the night before, because they need time to marinate. Other than the marinating time, this recipe is quick and easy.

No air fryer for the marinated chickpeas? No worries. Below are two alternatives for preparing the chickpeas that work great!

  • ・Follow the air fryer za’atar chickpeas recipe, but use 1 garlic clove in the marinade instead. Still marinate them overnight, but don’t cook them. It’ll be a slightly different pita with cold marinated chickpeas, but it’s still good!
  • ・Follow the recipe for the air fryer za’atar chickpeas, but instead of cooking them in an air fryer, roast them in the oven on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or non-stick aluminum foil. Bake at 400º F for ~25 minutes or until they look good to you.

This recipe makes 2-4 chickpea pita wraps, depending on how generous you are with the distribution of chickpeas, veggies and hummus. To make this gluten free, use gluten free pitas or ditch the pita and make this a salad.

I like eating pitas with a fork and knife, and usually don’t stuff them. Thus, we have something that resembles a salad on top of a pita. You can always stuff your chickpea pita pocket, instead.

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Vegan Chickpea Pita Filling
An easy vegan chickpea pita pocket recipe with marinated air fryer chickpeas, hummus, olives, and fresh veggies

Vegan Chickpea Pita with Za’atar Chickpeas

1 batch of Air Fryer Chickpeas (see note above)

2-4 pitas (OR gluten free pitas)

Hummus (store bought or your favorite recipe)

Salad greens (I used spinach and arugula)

Chopped cucumber

Chopped tomatoes

Pickled turnips (OR chopped dill pickles)


Fresh mint

Fresh parsley

Marinated Chickpeas Vegan

1. Follow the directions for air fryer za’atar chickpea (read the notes above for alternative preparations). They need to marinate overnight. Plan accordingly. Once they are ready to be eaten, move on to the next step of this chickpea pita recipe.

Vegan Pita and Hummus Recipes

2. Slather a pita with some hummus.

3. Dump some za’atar chickpeas over the hummus on, and add some salad greens to the pita.

Vegan Air Fryer Falafel Canned Chickpeas

4. Add the rest of the ingredients in the amounts that suit you. A little of this, a little of that! Serve immediately.

An absolutely delicious vegan chickpea pita wrap idea!

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