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Vegan Tofu Ricotta Cheese

Tofu Ricotta Vegan

Since the 80’s, my family has been making lasagna with tofu. Back then, we just smashed up the tofu with our hands, and then, used it. As the years have gone by, I’ve stepped up my game. This vegan tofu ricotta recipe is still really easy to do, but packs a little more flavor than my family’s cheese substitute of yesteryear. And it uses common vegan pantry items to put it together.

This recipe was originally embedded in the 2020 recipe for Vegan Calzones. It was just so tasty. I decided it would have more applications as a stand alone recipe. We can all think of things that would be better with it in them 😊

This recipe for vegan tofu ricotta cheese makes ~1¾ cups.

A few things…

  • ・This vegan tofu ricotta is meant to be used in savory baked recipes, like lasagna, stuffed shells, calzones, etc.
  • ・I usually need to make a double batch of this vegan ricotta for a 9″ X 13″ pan of lasagna
  • ・This recipe uses extra firm tofu, because it has a nice, firm texture. If you prefer a softer texture, I have also used silken extra firm tofu with success in the past.
  • ・Olive oil is added to provide richer flavor. If you are oil free, simply omit it.
  • ・Enjoy a stronger garlic flavor? Go with 1 tsp garlic powder. Prefer it to be more subtle? Stick to ½ tsp.

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Tofu Ricotta Cheese
An easy vegan tofu ricotta cheese recipe with nutritional yeast
Vegan Tofu Ricotta Stuffed Shells
Vegan stuffed shells

Vegan Tofu Ricotta

12 ounce package of extra firm tofu, drained and broken into 4 pieces

1 Tbsp lemon juice

1 Tbsp nutritional yeast

½-1 tsp garlic powder

½ tsp onion powder

½ tsp salt

1 Tbsp olive oil, optional

Vegan Ricotta Cheese Tofu

1. In a medium mixing bowl, add all the vegan tofu ricotta ingredients listed in the recipe.

2. Smash together with your hands (or use the back of a spoon) until the tofu is completely pulverized. It’s fun to do, so really go for it! Then, use it as a vegan substitute for ricotta cheese in baked savory recipes, like lasagna, stuffed shells, calzones, and more.

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