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Vegan Guacamole

When I first moved to California, I went through a guacamole phase. I’d make a big bowl of vegan guac, and we’d eat it for dinner with tortilla chips. Yep, that was dinner. And now, I’m going to share that vegan guacamole recipe with you!

This avocado dip is super easy. You mash up the ingredients with a fork. Then, you add a little lime juice and salt, and then, you taste it. If you need more lime, you add it. If it needs more salt, you add it. You mix, taste, and adjust until it is right. And when it’s right, it’s right!

You’ll want to select ripe avocados. Test them with a gentle squeeze. They should give under firm, gentle pressure, but not be too mushy or too hard.

This vegan recipe for guacamole makes ~1½ cups. It is best eaten right away. Store in the refrigerator. Use your best judgement with any leftovers. I don’t usually have any! It’s excellent with tortilla chips, on black bean burgers, inside burritos and more.

Some people like their vegan guac with chopped up tomatoes, onions and/or jalapeño. As a variation, stir some in at the very end before serving.

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Easy, homemade vegan guacamole dip

Easy Vegan Guacamole

3 ripe, large avocados, peeled and seed removed

⅓ cup chopped fresh cilantro

A pinch of ground cumin

Lime juice, to taste

Salt, to taste

  1. 1. Add all the ingredients for the guacamole to a large mixing bowl. I added 1 Tbsp lime juice and ½ tsp salt to start.

2. Using a fork, mash everything together until relatively smooth.

3. Taste, and adjust the flavor (more lime juice? more salt?). Taste again. If it needs more lime juice or salt, add more until it hits the mark. Serve vegan guacamole as a dip with tortilla chips or enjoy as a condiment.

Easy vegan guacamole with chips
Vegan guac makes a delicious burger topping too! Shown here on a Kickin’ Vegan Black & White Bean Burger 😊

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