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White Beans and Sauerkraut

Do you love sauerkraut? Well, this blog is chock-full of vegan recipes with sauerkraut. To list just a few, there’s Vegan Slavic Sauerkraut Soup, Slow Cooker Vegan Cabbage Rolls with Sauerkraut Tomato Sauce, Vegan Sauerkraut Goulash and more.

Like the rest of UVK‘s sauerkraut offerings, this braised sauerkraut with white beans recipe is absolutely delicious. It works awesome as a sauerkraut side dish, but also works as a main dish. Serve with some fried potatoes or on a bed of mashed potatoes, and it’s game on. Top it with some vegan sour cream, or skip it. It tastes awesome either way.

This is the ultimate in ugly vegan food–comforting, tasty and not super photogenic. Yum!

Vegan sauerkraut and white beans served with fried potatoes

White Beans and Sauerkraut

2 Tbsp vegan butter

1 cup chopped onion

2 large garlic cloves, finely chopped

¼ tsp smoked paprika

15 ounce can of white beans (OR 1¾ cups), drained and rinsed

2 cups sauerkraut, drained and brine squeezed out

¼-⅓ cup water

Vegan sour cream, to top – optional

1. In large heavy pot or dutch oven, add the vegan butter, onions and a dash of salt. Sauté for ~7 minutes over medium heat or until soft and golden.

2.  Add the garlic and smoked paprika. Stir around for another minute.

3. Add the white beans, sauerkraut and water. Gently stir to combine (white beans like to fall apart). Cover with a lid, and turn heat down to low. Keep covered for 30 minutes (checking and stirring at the 15 minute mark to see if it needs a little more water).

4. Remove the lid. Taste, and adjust seasonings, if needed. Serve as a side dish or main dish. Enjoy over mashed potatoes or with fried potatoes. Top with vegan sour cream (optional).

Delicious vegan kraut and beans

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