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Vegan Brussels Sprout Slaw with Cranberries, Apples and Walnuts

This vegan Brussels sprout slaw recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving, the holidays, or as a delicious winter salad. It’s easy. You blend the walnut dressing, chop some ingredients, and mix it all up in a large bowl. Simple!

The real showstopper here is the creamy vegan walnut dressing. It’s oil free, gluten free and has a tasty umami flavor that pairs well with the tangy cranberries, sweet apples and rich walnuts.

Two things…

  • ・Because the dressing uses raw walnuts, you’ll need to use a high speed blender, like a Vitamix or Ninja.
  • ・If you wish to make this completely oil free, make sure to select dried cranberries without oil. Sometimes, it’s a sneaky ingredient in there, but there are dried cranberries without it.

I positively love the contrasting textures from the chewy cranberries to the crisp apples to the crunchy nuts and the shredded Brussels sprouts. It makes ~4-6 servings.

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving or fall ideas, 26 Great Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes has many delicious main dishes, sides, and soups, including this slaw!

An oil free vegan Brussels sprout slaw with walnuts, cranberries and apples

Vegan Brussels Sprout Slaw with Cranberries, Apples and Walnuts

Walnut Dressing:

1 Tbsp white miso

3 Tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp dijon mustard

¼ tsp garlic powder

¼ cup water

¾ cup raw walnuts, halves and pieces

Brussels Slaw:

5 cups thinly sliced Brussels sprouts

1 crisp apple (like Honeycrisp or Pink Lady), cubed into bite-size pieces

⅓ cup finely chopped raw walnuts

½ cup chopped dried cranberries

¼ cup chopped flat leaf parsley

1 scallion, thinly sliced

Black pepper, to taste

  1. 1. Add everything listed under “Walnut Dressing” to a high speed blender (Vitamix, Ninja, etc). Blend until completely smooth. Then, add to a large mixing bowl.

2. Add the remaining ingredients to the large mixing bowl. Mix together, and taste. Adjust seasonings, if necessary (more lemon juice? more salt?). Serve.

A delicious vegan Brussel sprout salad with no oil

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