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Tag: Easy Vegan Marinades

  • Smoky Roasted Chickpeas

    Smoky Roasted Chickpeas

    This is an easy vegan smoky roasted chickpeas recipe with smoked paprika, garlic powder, soy sauce, hot sauce, maple syrup, liquid smoke and olive oil. The process is easy–mix everything together, marinate, and then, roast the chickpeas in the air fryer or oven. Enjoy these smoky chickpeas as a snack, topping for salads, inside wraps,…

  • Grilled Tofu Skewers with Red Peppers and Mushrooms

    Grilled Tofu Skewers with Red Peppers and Mushrooms

    This is an easy recipe for vegan grilled tofu skewers with a soy sauce marinade, mushrooms and red bell peppers. Loaded with garlic, ginger and scallions, the marinade is very flavorful. Overall, it’s a simple, tasty dish for summer. This recipe makes ~5 skewers. A few things… This grilled tofu skewers recipe tastes delicious on…

  • Sriracha Tofu Salad

    Sriracha Tofu Salad

    This is a delicious, easy vegan sriracha tofu salad recipe has a lot of versatility! For a protein-packed meal, enjoy it solo. Or fill a tortilla with it with additional cucumber slices and fresh cilantro to make a tasty sriracha tofu wrap. Maybe add some cold orzo pasta? And enjoy a Thai-inspired tofu orzo salad.…

  • Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

    Vegan Worcestershire Sauce

    When my family went vegetarian in the 1980’s, my sister had to say goodbye to her favorite condiment, Worcestershire sauce. Sadly, it traditionally has anchovies in it, so that was that. Years later, The Wizard’s Organic Vegan Worcestershire Sauce would come out. And while it was a bit costly, it did the job. These days,…

  • Tempeh Bacon

    Tempeh Bacon

    This is an easy homemade vegan tempeh bacon recipe with soy sauce, smoked paprika, maple syrup, hot sauce and garlic powder. There is no liquid smoke, but it’s still smoky, savory, umami and totally delicious. And there are so many ways to enjoy it, because basically, it improves and enhances almost any meal 😊 A…

  • Marinated Grilled or Baked Tofu

    Marinated Grilled or Baked Tofu

    Whether the tofu is sliced or cubed, this grilled or baked marinated tofu can be used on sandwiches, on salads, in tacos, in burritos, on pizza, in a grain bowl, in vegan sushi, or whatever your imagination can come up with!

  • Chipotle Tempeh Kebabs

    Chipotle Tempeh Kebabs

    I love chipotle peppers—their spiciness and their smokiness. And, this delicious recipe for vegan grilled tempeh kebabs with chipotle peppers highlights them perfectly. They bring so much to this spicy tempeh marinade. When it comes to cooking with tempeh, there seems to be a debate on whether to steam it or not. I have found…

  • Grilled Pomegranate Molasses Tempeh Kebabs

    Grilled Pomegranate Molasses Tempeh Kebabs

    Inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine, this recipe for vegan grilled tempeh kebabs with a pomegranate molasses marinade is very tasty. It is easy to execute, even if it takes a little patience waiting for the tempeh to marinade! After 4 hours of soaking the tempeh in the refrigerator, it’s about 10 minutes on the grill.…

  • Grilled Lemon Garlic Herb Tofu Skewers

    Grilled Lemon Garlic Herb Tofu Skewers

    When I think of tofu marinades, I usually think of soy sauce or BBQ.  And yet, this herby garlic tofu marinade works so nicely! This recipe for grilled lemon, garlic and herb tofu skewers is not hard to make, but it takes time to marinate (~3 hours). If you are able to marinate a bit…

  • Vegan Souvlaki Tempeh Pita

    Vegan Souvlaki Tempeh Pita

    Souvlaki is a popular fast food meat skewer from Greece.  It can be eaten alone, thrown on a pita, or covered in a red sauce.  If served on a pita, it often has tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce, a yogurt-based sauce with cucumber, garlic and herbs. Fried potatoes are served on the side or inside…

  • Vegan Crab Salad

    Vegan Crab Salad

    These days, there are many different types of fake meat products that rival the real thing. I still tend to go the DIY route. This vegan crab salad recipe with hearts of palm, kelp granules, plant based mayo, lemon juice and more is a great example of just that. It isn’t meant to be an…