Radish Salad Dill

Radish Salad with Fresh Dill and Scallions

Inspired by Slavic flavors, this radish salad recipe uses simple ingredients, is easy to make, and has a refreshing, crunchy texture. It’s works well for the winter or spring, but really, you could enjoy this year round. This recipe for radish salad is best served right away. The flavors and the crunchiness are at their height! As always, fresh dill is the best choice. You … Continue reading Radish Salad with Fresh Dill and Scallions

Seitan Pozole Rojo

Pozole.  A delicious brothy soup accompanied by piles of fresh garnishes.  Traditionally, it’s made with chicken or pork and hominy.  And usually, it’s a food of celebration.  And it’s easy to understand why, it’s beautiful and tasty! Years back, I had a bowl of vegan pozole rojo at a restaurant in Santa Cruz, California.  And while it was not a bad bowl of soup, it … Continue reading Seitan Pozole Rojo

Watermelon Radish Slaw

I made the most amazing sandwich today.  It was rich and cheesy.  And it needed an accent.  Something acidic to bring everything together.  It’s nothing a little bit of slaw can’t solve.   While slaws are easy to make, this one tastes best if it has a little time for the flavors to meld.  The hardest part is waiting 20 minutes, but it’s worth it. … Continue reading Watermelon Radish Slaw

Kale Salad and Lemon Dressing

Kale Fattoush Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Back in 2003, I was flipping through an issue of Vegetarian Times. I came across a recipe for fattoush salad that sounded delicious. The chewy and crisp toasted pita, the crunch of fresh cucumbers, and the lip puckering goodness of lemon and sumac, it was everything a salad should be.  Light, refreshing and yet, hearty at the same time.  While this pita bread salad takes … Continue reading Kale Fattoush Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing