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Vegan Antipasto Salad

Vegan Antipasto Salad Recipe

This Italian-inspired vegan antipasto salad recipe hardly qualifies as “ugly”.  It’s completely gorgeous, which is just so Italian. Italians have a way of making everything beautiful. And while it may not be a traditional antipasto (an appetizer that includes meats, cheeses, pickled vegetables, olives, artichokes, etc), it’s a delicious, fresh and herbaceous vegan Italian salad!

While it may not be fresh mozzarella, marinaded tofu does it’s best to be a tasty addition to this salad. All in all, this vegan antipasto salad makes a fantastic meal, or could also be paired successfully with other Italian favorites, like Sicilian Eggplant Crostini, Orange Zest and Fennel Risotto, or Gnocchi with Swiss Chard and Tomatoes.

This vegan Italian salad serves ~4-6. For a variation, add some pepperoncini. I love it with a big piece of garlic bread on the side.

I hope you enjoy it! 💚 And check out more UVK recipes, like Marinated Grilled or Baked Tofu, Artichoke Potato Salad, Vegan Collard Green Rolls, Vegan Shopska Salad or Lemon Artichoke Asparagus Soup.

Vegan Antipasto Salad with a side of garlic bread
Simple, delicious recipe for vegan antipasto salad with marinated tofu

Vegan Antipasto Salad

14 ounce extra firm tofu, cut into cubes

Olive oil, to drizzle

½ cup (+ more to drizzle) red wine vinegar

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp dried basil

¾ tsp salt

4 cups torn fresh spinach

4 cups torn romaine lettuce

½ cup chopped jarred roasted red peppers packed in oil (drain the oil)

1 cup mixed pitted olives

1 cup grilled artichoke hearts packed in oil, oil drained (I used Cynara Grilled Artichoke Hearts)

1 cup halved grape tomatoes

Vegan parmesan, to top – optional

Tofu drizzled with olive oil

1. First, you’ll bake the tofu for the antipasto salad. Move your oven rack to the highest position inside your oven.  Preheat oven to BROIL on HIGH. Drizzle an 8″ X 8″ pan with olive oil, and then toss the tofu in it until well coated. Arrange the tofu in a single layer (see photo above). Place in the oven and broil for ~10 minutes, or until it gets golden on the top. Keep an eye on it to make sure it does not burn.

Italian Tofu Marinade

2. While your tofu is broiling, put together the marinade.  Add red wine vinegar, basil, oregano, and salt in a mixing bowl. Whisk together until the salt dissolves.

Italian Marinated Tofu

3. After removing tofu from the oven, immediately toss it in the marinade until well coated. Then, put it in the refrigerator without a lid for, at least, 20 minutes or until the tofu is completely cool.

4. While you are waiting on the tofu to marinade and cool, assemble the Italian salad. Toss the spinach and romaine together in a very large mixing bowl.

5. On top of the spinach and romaine, add a row of roasted red peppers, a row of olives, a row of artichokes, a row of grape tomatoes and finally, a row of the cooled tofu.

6. Drizzle red wine vinegar and some additional olive oil over the top of the entire antipasto salad. You can also use a little of the oil in the jar with the artichokes or olives, if you want a little extra seasoning. Sprinkle with salt, black pepper and vegan parmesan (if using). Serve.

Antipasto Salad Vegan
An easy vegan Italian salad with artichokes, olives and marinated tofu

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