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Balsamic Reduction

Balsamic Glaze Vegan

This vegan balsamic reduction (or glaze) recipe tastes awesome drizzled on roasted beets, salads, pizza and more. And it’s so easy to make. Basically, you simmer balsamic vinegar in a pot until enough water evaporates and it becomes a sweeter, thicker version of itself.

Some people use the terms “reduction” and “glaze” interchangeably. Other people only call it a balsamic glaze when a sweetener is added. And sometimes, that sweetener of choice is honey, so it’s always good to check on the ingredients. In this case, I provide the option to add agave to keep it vegan, but give it that extra touch of sweetness.

This recipe makes ~¼ cup.

A few things…

  • ・You can make this vegan balsamic reduction recipe with or without the agave.
  • ・You can simmer the balsamic vinegar and agave together, or you can add the agave at the very end after tasting it.
  • ・As the balsamic vinegar cools, it will thicken more. If it cools and is thicker then you like, whisk in a little bit of water. If it cools completely and isn’t thick enough, put the balsamic reduction back on the stove.
 Balsamic Reduction Drizzle Vegan
An easy, delicious vegan balsamic glaze with agave

Vegan Balsamic Reduction (or Glaze)

¾ cup balsamic vinegar

1 Tbsp agave – optional

1. Add the balsamic vinegar and agave (if using) to a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, and then turn it down to a simmer. Simmer over medium-low for 15-18 minutes or until it thickens and begins to coat your spoon.

2. Remove from heat and allow it to cool. The balsamic reduction will thicken more, as it cools.

3. When it’s completely cool, taste it. Not sweet enough? Add more agave. Then, drizzle on roasted beets, salads, vegan quiche, crostini, pizza and more!

Vegan Balsamic Reduction for Beets
A vegan roasted beet salad with balsamic reduction (or glaze), Violife feta and arugula. Easy and delicious!
Vegan Crostini Balsamic Glaze
Vegan Silician Eggplant Crostini with balsamic reduction

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