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Slow Cooker Vegan Baked Beans

This is a simple, slow cooker vegan or vegetarian baked beans recipe. As they slow simmer in the crock pot, the smell is positively heavenly–punctuated by maple syrup, smoked paprika, liquid smoke, and savory notes of onions and garlic. They are hard to resist.

Native Americans first made the dish using beans, animal fat, and maple syrup that were cooked slow and low. Today, there are many variations of baked beans, including this recipe.

This recipe for vegan baked beans is perfect for barbecues, picnics and more. Serve with vegan burgers, Vegan Classic Cole Slaw, Vegan Shells and Cheese or your favorite dishes.

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Let’s make some slow cooker vegan baked beans! 💚

An easy recipe for slow cooker vegetarian or vegan baked beans with maple syrup, miso and liquid smoke

Vegan Baked Beans

2 cups chopped sweet onion

1 Tbsp olive oil

6 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped

2 tsp smoked paprika

1 tsp onion powder

½ tsp garlic powder

2-3 Tbsp reduced sodium soy sauce

2 Tbsp maple syrup

¼ cup tomato paste

2 tsp red miso

1½ cups water

1 tsp dijon mustard

2 15 ounce cans of great northern beans, drained and rinsed (OR 2½ cups cooked great northern beans)

¼-½ tsp liquid smoke (I used Wright’s Hickory Liquid Smoke)

1. First, you’ll need to sauté the aromatics for the slow cooker vegan baked beans. In a medium skillet, add the onion, olive oil and a dash of salt. Sauté over medium-high heat for ~7 minutes or until the onions are soft and golden.

2. Next, add the garlic, smoked paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, soy sauce, and maple syrup. Stir around for a minute or two over medium heat.

3. Then, add the tomato paste, red miso, dijon mustard and water. Stir until the tomato paste, red miso and dijon mustard dissolves into the water.

4. Add the great northern beans and the sauce from the skillet into the slow cooker. Stir until well combined. Secure the lid, and cook on HIGH for 4.5-5 hours.

5. Remove the lid. Stir in the liquid smoke. Taste the crock pot vegan baked beans, and adjust seasonings, if needed (more liquid smoke? more soy sauce?). Serve.

A smoky crock pot vegan or vegetarian baked beans recipe with maple syrup, miso, and liquid smoke. Yes please!

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